Here’s a set of published work that I’m particularly proud of. I enjoy contributing my point of view to the Content Strategy space to help push our industry forward how I can.


Getting to know CSForum Melbourne 2016 speaker, Max Johns, August 2016

Interviewing Max Johns for CSForum Melbourne event

To help bring some attention to up-and-coming speakers and their presentations at the CSForum Melbourne event, the CSF crew and I interviewed a few of the talented folks. I got the chance to interview Max Johns, principal at Content Strategy: Simplified, and we spoke about how to not just grow the practice, but also how to get folks from different disciplines engaging more with one another around improving content.

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CSPDX event: Content Modeling: Why It Matters and How to Do It, April 2016

Andrew speaking at a CSPDX event back in April 2016

I was very thankful for the chance to present my thoughts and perspective on content modeling for the CSPDX group. My favorite part of the event, other than meeting many new faces and getting to talk shop, was the intensity of the question and answer section. It warmed my heart to see so many folks genuinely curious about how content is structured and modeled.

I've misplaced the slides, but once I find them, I'll add them to this post.

Here are some Tweets from folks during the event:


Data unification is the first step towards personalized content, CSForum Article, September 2015

An article on data unification to personalize content

It can be creepy, with how much cookie and click data folks are tracking these days, but data tracking and unification is what's fueling all of these personalized experiences that business build. I wrote this piece for CSForum to shine some light on how the data unification part is the key ingredient, and how proper planning and structuring can help content actually be useful and less, well, creepy.

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Govern Thy Content: An Interview with Derek Phillips, March 2015, Intelligent Content Conference

Content governance interview with ICC in 2015

I interviewed Derek Phillips, Director of Content at Connected DX, about his take on content governance. It’s a topic that I believe many Content Strategists and marketing folks take for granted. It was great to share our perspectives together for the Intelligent Content Conference readers.

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Content Without Governance is Not Strategy, November 2014, Content Strategy Forum

Content governance POV for Content Strategy Forum in 2014

I wanted to write a reminder to the intensely growing content field about the necessity of governance. While more web and mobile-based strategist respect governance, I felt that the growing legions of content marketing strategists often come up short in this regard.

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The Perils of Content Deliverable Overload, October 2014, GatherContent Blog

Wrote about content deliverable overload for clients for GatherContent

When I was on the agency side of content planning, I thought a lot about how easy it is for clients to get bogged down in the wrong information. It’s often our fault as consultants, I believe. We inundate clients with too much information, rather than the right bits to push a project forward. These are my thoughts on that.

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How to Build a Content Strategy Discipline in a Small Organization, March 2014, GatherContent Blog

I talked about building a repeatable Content Strategy for small organizations in this piece for GatherContent. It’s not all that different from building and maintaining processes in larger organizations. It might even be easier to pull off.

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Intelligent Content Conference 2014 Coverage, February 2014, ICC 2014 in San Jose, California

I volunteered as a live-blogger for ICC 2014. It was fantastic to catch up with other content professionals and stay up-to-date with what’s been going on in the industry. Exciting moments included a panel about breaking down content barriers between marketing, web, and other teams, an exploration about Content Engineering, and how we’re biologically engineered to consume content certain ways.


Portland Art Institute UX Talk on Content Strategy, Winter 2013

I spoke about Content Strategy and User Experience for a capstone UX class at the Portland Art Institute. It was great to inform soon-to-be professionals about the need for strong Content Strategies to support User Experience for products and services. One of the best parts of that gig was that some of the former students still keep in touch about how content and solid experience strategies influence their jobs.


Ignite PDX 2012 Talk: Change Up Where You Get Stuff Done

I encouraged other Portlanders to not forget to stretch out and get some walking in throughout their busy work days.