Hello, I'm Andrew Nhem.

I'm the Senior Content Strategist at Cloudability, a cloud cost management SaaS based in Portland, Oregon. I’m proud to be a part of a sharp, like-minded digital marketing team there.

I was formerly a Senior Content Strategist at Lytics, the Customer Data Platform built for marketers, based in Portland, Oregon. Before that, I was on the content team at Babcock Jenkins, Stephouse Networks and NW Towers.

I support and contribute to the Portland and Global Content Strategy scenes. I’m a contributor and editorial designer for for the Content Strategy Forum and a contributing author to content and digital-related publications.

Always a fierce friend, cook, runner, cyclist, and gamer. A son of Portland.

About Me

Born and raised in Oregon. Been writing stories and messing around with web stuff since I was 10.

University of Oregon graduate in Journalism (‘07) with a lean toward branded content and editorial strategy. Graduated with honors with an exploration of the consequences of minority stereotyping in advertising.

The recession in ‘07 led to cutting my teeth on freelance content gigs and learning everything that I could on my own and from mentors. It helped me build solid skills in content design and structuring, editorial strategy and design, user experience design, writing and editing, and basic front-end development and design.

Always learning and yearning to do more.

What is thoughtfuldrift?

All ideas flow freely often with a mind and intent of their own. They drift, waiting to be caught and acted upon or ignored as they continue their flight.

This is a place where my ideas get to just be. Some are documented and some are not. It's a nice little digital workshop for me to stay sharp.

Let’s Work Together

Please get in touch to say hello, or if you have any questions about stuff I’ve written or work I’ve done, or if you want to work on something together.